Welcome to Dean Model Flying Club

A friendly club for flying radio controlled model planes based in the Forest of Dean area, Gloucestershire. Easy to reach from Monmouthshire, Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and South Wales.

We have recently extended the length of our flying field to accommodate larger models.

Contact: Derek on 07477508088 for membership details.

New members welcome.

We like to start them young

A sunny day, lots of planes and a lot of fun
I’m sure their happier than they look.
Steve’s 1/5th scale Seagull Lysander
Steve listening to the lovely sound of the EME 60CC twin with Autostart.
Steve with his Piper Pacer electric 6s
Steve warming up his President Druine Turbulent with Saito FG21 installed.
Dave’s 3D Foamie
Derek with his FMS 1800mm Spitfire 6s
Derek’s Hanger 9 Xcub with Saito FG61TS engine
Don with his Wingsmaker Handyking
Steve tuning his Balsa USA 1/4 scale kit built cub
Derek’s 1/4 Scale Phoenix Waco fitted with Rimfire 65 motor and 12s battery
Don’s Multiplex Easy Glider Pro4
Don’s Seagull Pioneer Trainer electric 4s
Gerry’s Horizon Maule M7 electric 4s
Derek’s Dynam Waco electric 4s
Steve’s Breitling Hanger 9 Cap 232 DLE40cc twin.