Latest news from the field.

Well autumn is definitely here but flying will continue when the weather allows. If you are reading this and thinking of next season then please remember to renew your membership. If you are not already a member then please do not hesitiate to contact me on 07477508088 if you would like a membership form sent… Read More »

News from the field.

We’ve had a few days flying recently but also a lot of non flyable weather. I guess we ought to be greatfull .

News from the field.

Well its been too hot to fly for the last few days especially for the pilots and the model airframes. We all hope to get back there once the weather improves.

News from the field.

Another hot one today, several of us ventured out to fly. Winds light and variable so some good flying was had. Steve had a problem with his engine overheating so some work required to help keep it cool.

News from the Field.

Well, hasn’t it been hot. Not much flying been done during the heatwave but thankfully that’s over for now. Flying resumes this Thursday 21st July when it should be considerably cooler.

News from the field.

A fine pair of Beavers flying today in 24c temperature. One belongs to Steve and the other Derek. See “Recent Posts” for picture.

Patch News

After some negotiating with our landlord farmer we have extended our flying patch length by an additional 1/3 making larger scale IC models easier on take off and landing. With that in mind we have also bought a sound meter, any IC powered models will need to be checked for sound levels (as per BMFA… Read More »

No Patch News

12/03/19. Well the weather broke and it’s far from flying weather. high winds heavy rain and cold. The winds don’t seem to want to subside! So no news from any members at the patch