Off Patch News

10/02/19. Keith tried a new discipline, slope soaring! He had bought a Soar Ahead Sailplanes “Wildthing 60”  a kind of flying wing arrangement made out of strong durable epp foam. He went to Garway Hill. The winds were in perfect direction and blowing a mean speed of 17-20mph the down side was it was only… Read More »

Patch News

06/02/19 Derek was at the patch late afternoon flying his Multiplex Heron 2.5 motorised glider. He reports an easy 30min flight before it got a bit dark so came down but still had 1.5mins left on the battery.

Patch News

04/02/19. Member Keith was at the patch with a break in the weather on a rare warm sunny day! He had a good morning flying with 2 flights of his Durafly Tundra, 1 flight of a Mignon and 1 30min flight of a Walrus motorised glider. Sadly the wind got up a bit to high… Read More »

New Member

30/01/19. I am please to say that we have a new member to the club, Peter, He came to the field a couple of days ago and odviously liked what he saw at the patch and how things run. He is currently building a (as he described it) tri-copter thingy, delta wing with 1 motor… Read More »

Patch News

30/01/19. A little better weather today, cold and frosty start but lovely sunshine and light winds. Derek and Steve were at the field. Derek again was flying his Heron glider,  Currently I don’t know what Steve was flying so can’t report that.

Patch News

29/01/19. Keith was at the patch not only to have a few flights but to meet a possible new member Peter who had expressed an interest in the club. It was a bit overcast, light wind, cold with a threat of rain. Peter turned up and both had an informative half hour chat about the… Read More »

Patch Hews

28/01/19. Derek was at the field again on a cold morning with a bit of a breeze. He flew his Multiplex 2.5mt Heron motorised glider. During a flight he had the glider holding height and stationary occasionally slight backwards due to the stronger breeze at height. He gave up in the end  with streaming eyes… Read More »

Patch news

Derek was up again in perfect conditions, light winds, overcast and not tooooooo coooooold. He had his Multiplex 2.5 mt motorised glider up in the skys and had 2 x 40min flights on 2 batteries, yep your reading right! A bit envious as I couldnt get along!

Derek at it again 20-01-19

Our member Derek was at the field again, He recently had some motor problems with his electric 2.5mt Multiplex Heron glider. All fixed now and flying perfectly he put 2 batteries through it to make sure. With the recent wet conditions it’s making the sheep do-do a bit like icing and it sticks like icing… Read More »

Patch Mower Fixed 19-01-19

Our poorly mower has been away to the doctors, it was quarantined for a few days to assess the situation and problems. The surgeon then performed some very tricky surgery, added some new parts, checked all the vital signs and gave it a clean bill of health. Its now ready and waiting for the green… Read More »